Brand strategy

Brand strategy for insurance agents

It is imperative for insurance agents to have a brand strategy to separate themselves from the thousands of other insurance agents.
Personal branding is the answer to this problem.
Below, you’ll find branding ideas from Secure Agent Leads designed for the online world we live in today.

Branding your website

An insurance agent’s website is like the welcome mat to a house.
Therefore, it is one of the integral parts to your brand strategy.
Make sure your brand identity is apparent on your site.
Have your contact information readily available, include calls-to-action, and put YOU on your website. Not just the logo of the carriers you represent.
Also, remember to make it mobile friendly as over 50 percent of searches for insurance agents happen from mobile devices.

Implement brand strategy in your blog

Yes, your blog should be SEO driven.
Still, it will be read from time to time and so don’t just throw a bunch of keywords in a post and throw it up.
An average consumer will go through nearly 12 pieces of content before making a purchasing decision according to Forrester.
And if your SEO is working, one or two of your blogs may end up being a part of that content. Make sure it’s making the statement you want them to hear.
For example, if you are a medicare supplement agent, do an article on the benefits of a med sup policy.
In doing so, you can paint yourself as a caring agent or even an expert of the industry.

Branding through video

Video is king.
It has quickly become the favorite content on the internet and needs to be a part of your brand identity.
Do some how-to videos. Think that’s silly? If you have daughters, chances are they’re watching makeup tutorials.
Your clients will likely appreciate you giving them added value along with their policy.
Do you sell home insurance or renter’s insurance? Teach them how to properly keep inventory of their property in case they ever have to file a claim.
Put up videos of testimonials, office pranks, or your office doing charity work. Anything that gives you the brand identity you’re looking to have.
Ready to put your brand strategy to work? Secure Agent Leads can help supplement your prospect pipeline.

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