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Invaluable Door Knocking Insurance Sales Tips

Selling an appointment and door knocking your insurance leads is proven to be the most effective way to close potential clients for insurance agents. Making your insurance sales at the client’s home allows you to sell yourself instead of an idea and the client can look at the information on paper, all of which makes it easier to close. Here are a few tips to help improve your door knocking skill.

Draw out their objections early

As an insurance agent, you’re going to get a lot of rejection. We know that. However, some people are very polite. They will talk and talk, allow you to go through your pitch. You’re thinking you’re well on your way to a sale. Then, when you finally go for the close at the end, that’s when they say no. That’s a lot of wasted time.
To avoid wasting your time, you need to pepper in trial closes throughout your presentation. This will help two-fold:

  1. This will give them opportunity to object
  2. You’re priming them for a hard close

When they give you an objection, you’ll have your chance for a rebuttal, but it also helps you save time by getting drawing out the objections early. This will let you know who is serious about buying and who is wasting your time.

Change your schedule

Did you become an insurance agent to work a 9-5? We may have to bust your bubble… Your insurance leads are not always going to be home from 9am to 5pm. Just as you’re going to have to call them on Saturdays and Sundays to get them on the phone, if you’re cold door knocking you’re going to have to knock at times they’re home. Also, be flexible if you’re setting an appointment with them. We suggest offering them two different times such as a morning or afternoon.

Knock more doors

Again, this career isn’t meant to be low effort, high reward. You’re going to have to break down your numbers and find out how many insurance leads you have to door-knock to get the number of closes you need to make the money you want. Also, the more doors you knock, the better you’re going to get at doing face-to-face presentations and then you’ll start improving your closing percentage.
It’s also important to have a bank of potential clients you can call or door knock. Secure Agent Leads is the industry’s leader in generating high-quality, qualified, real-time insurance leads.

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