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Building a Personal Brand as an Insurance Agent

Building your personal brand as an insurance agent instead of allowing the identity of your carriers to sell your business is a key to sustainable success.
So, here are four tips from Secure Agent Leads on how to improve your personal brand that you can start implementing today.

Rub elbows with top producers

Align yourself with a mentor.
Reach out to a couple of the most successful insurance agents in your industry and see if any of them will spend a few minutes telling you their best advice on your problem areas.
Go to conferences and introduce yourself to some of the speakers and top producers who attend. Make some small talk and get some ideas from them.
After it’s over or the next morning, send an email thanking them for spending their time talking to you.
This step helps you in two ways:

  1. You just got your face in front of some really important people and you stood out from others by your note of appreciation.
  2. The information you gained was likely invaluable.


Start shooting video content

If content is king, video is the prince because it is the most valuable content to be producing in today’s world.
Whether it is simply a vlog or you want to get creative with it, get yourself a decent camera (they don’t have to cost thousands of dollars) and start shooting.
You can put the videos on your personal website or to YouTube. Just get them out there.
Two rules to keep in mind before you start sharing your content:

  1. Be consistent
  2. Make the content valuable to your viewers

Share some of your successes as an insurance agent and what steps led to your accomplishments.
Do you have an incredible story? Did you overcome great odds to be where you are? Tell it to the camera!

Clean up your online image

Be 2498% sure everything that lives on your social media is something that you wouldn’t mind a client seeing.
Go back and find all the stuff you posted as a kid on your FaceBook, your Twitter or any other online version of yourself and delete anything stupid you said or shared.
Because if someone wants to, they will find it and use it to tear you down. You don’t have to be a professional athlete. People will be satisfied tearing down a successful insurance agent too.

Promote your brand/content

Starting out, your content isn’t going to take off without a little boost.
Share it through all of your social media. Spend a little money on Facebook or other social media advertising (it is cheap for the punch it delivers) to promote your BEST content.
See if you can’t land a good guest to be on one of your videos or guest write a blog, if that’s what you’re delivering.
While you’re creating your personal brand, keep building your success story with real-time insurance leads from Secure Agent Leads. Agents are reporting a 21% close rate and 14% of the leads are calling the agent first!

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