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Common Cold Calling Mistakes

Cold calling mistakes may be hurting your sales more than you realize.
This sales strategy continues to be where most insurance sales are made and for some reason, it’s also the most feared and mistake-ridden method according to a poll Secure Agent Leads took with insurance agents.
Over on our community tab on YouTube, 38% of agents reported they struggle with cold calling. That’s 12% than the next highest selection, which was handling objections in general.
We’ve written a couple articles on cold calling tips. We’re going to take a little different route this time and tell you some of the worst cold calling mistakes insurance agents are making.

Terrible introduction

When calling an insurance lead, do not answer with, “Hi, this is Cody Askins from Secure Agent Leads, is this Ms. Betty Johnson?”
Here’s what they just heard” “Hi, I’m calling to sell you something today. Please tell me no, this isn’t Betty and hang up.”
Instead, use your first name only, you don’t need to say your business name and always assume who picked up the phone is who you’re calling for. If a man picked up instead in this instance, say Mr. Johnson and ask to speak to her.
This is better: “Hi, Betty! This is Cody. I’m calling because of that final expense information you requested. I’m the local underwriter and I’ll be out in your area on Friday and can drop that off for you. Would the morning or afternoon be better for you?”

Talking more than you listen

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: the gift of gab is actually a curse for insurance agents.
Ask more questions than statements you make. Then, actually listen to the responses.
Your prospect will give you all of their pain points that you can offer solutions for if you just listen.
Also, NEVER talk over a client when they’re speaking.

Failing to follow up

Did your insurance lead not answer the call? OK, how many times did you call them back.
If your answer is less than six you’ve not done your job as an insurance agent.
Six calls equals 90% chance of contact and 80% of sales are made between the 5th and 12th contact.
Being lazy will hurt your insurance lead generation, your insurance sales and, overall, your entire business more than anything else you can do.
Now, hopefully we’ve armed you with enough knowledge and confidence to get you back on the phone. Need more prospects to call? Secure Agent Leads has exclusive, real-time insurance leads as well as aged leads that over 10,000 agents have trusted over the years.

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