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Tips for Mortgage Protection Insurance Agents

Mortgage protection insurance can be easily implemented by any life insurance agent, so it’s an often-carried product. If you’re struggling selling mortgage protection insurance, or just want to sell more of it, Secure Agent Leads has some tips for you.

Get better on the phone

This might irk some insurance agents but, hey, the truth hurts sometimes. YOU are standing in your own way if you suck on the phone. Stop worrying so much about every little thing and just have a conversation. There’s really only two things to remember: Finish most of your sentences with questions and sell an appointment. The rest will come to you if you just keep making the phone calls to your mortgage protection leads! If you want to really elevate your game, bring the energy when you make your calls. Let the potential client hear the passion in your voice. They can’t see you so they can’t see your body language. They need to hear your enthusiasm. It really does work.

Prepare for objections

Sounds like a no-brainer, huh? But are you preparing for objections or expecting rejection? Because that’s two different things when it comes to insurance sales. An insurance agent who is preparing for objections from his mortgage protection leads is someone who knows they are going to hear the common objections and is prepared to respond to it. Hesitation and stumbling over your words is asking for the prospect to hang up in your ear. Write down the common objections you hear and practice overcoming them through role-playing. And, again, you’ll only master this through actually making more phone calls.

Call on the weekends

Do you want to make the same money that the below-average insurance agents make? Then do what the below-average agents do. However, if you want to make more mortgage protection sales and make more money, start calling on the weekends. Where do you think the majority of people are 9-5 during the week? They’re working! So, if you want to reach these people, you’re going to have to call your mortgage protection leads on the weekends during the times they are home. Block off a few hours on the weekends and just hit the phone and book appointments. Try calling on Saturday mornings after 9 a.m. and Sundays in the late afternoons.
Whenever you’re ready to load up on prospects and get to work, Secure Agent Leads has the industry’s best mortgage protection insurance leads we generate according to your demographic needs.

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