Cold Calling statistics

Cold calling statistics that show prep is important

We’ve scoured the internet for cold calling statistics to help understand what turns maybes into a yes or no.
Here are the ones that opened our eyes and dropped our jaws:

Cold calling statistics on preparation

Do you prepare for objections?
If not, you should be.
Prospects who buy have 58% more objections than prospects who don’t (leasetelecom).
Furthermore, 58% of buyers report that sales reps are unable to answer their questions effectively according to Forbes.
So, not only do you need to prepare for objections, but understand what they mean.
An objection, most of the time, actually means the prospect needs more information.
Which brings us to our next statistic: 42% of sales reps feel they do not have the right information before making a sales call (Lattice Engines).
This is why we stress training every day. If you role play your sales pitches, calls, and etc. you will stumble across something you can work on.
That 42% would have figured out they didn’t know something a prospect is sure to ask and they would have studied up on their product.
Practice your calls, presentations, and closes. Know your products like the back of your hand. Read books, watch videos, do whatever it takes to up your skill.

Prepare your lawn (social media) for visitors

But this post is about cold calling statistics?
Yeah, but you know if you’ve been reading our other posts about cold calling that you aren’t likely to connect with your prospect on the first call.
What do you think they’re doing after they listen to your voicemail?
Probably looking you up on search engines or social media.
And 82% of buyers believe a company is more trustworthy if it’s active in social media (BrandFog).
More importantly, 90% of buyers say that positive online reviews influence their decisions to buy (Zendesk).
Still don’t think this connects to cold calling?
82% of buyers look up providers on LinkedIn before they respond to their outreach efforts (Rain Group). 61% will continue researching the provider on social media until they make a decision.
So, you need to spruce up that front lawn.
Encourage your clients to leave positive reviews, post helpful content (not just advertising), and make it something that makes prospects say, “I want to do business with them.”
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