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How to Make Mortgage Protection Sales Easier

Mortgage Protection insurance is a product many insurance agents have began to see the benefit of adding to their portfolio because of its ease of cross-selling with other coverage.
And thanks to its incredible survivor benefits, clients can easily see the need.
Secure Agent Leads has a few, easily implemented tips that will make it even easier to sell an MPI policy.

Change your job title

How many times has someone started telling you they’re not interested in what you’re selling as soon as you’ve introduced yourself?
Do you know why that is?
Most of the time it’s because of a bad experience with other agents in the past trying to sell them something they didn’t need or was simply too pushy or whatever else.
To prevent that defensive barrier from being put up, change what you tell people you do.
Instead of saying, “I am a Life Insurance Agent” you can say, “I am a Mortgage Protection Specialist.”
Doesn’t that sound more appealing?
Then, if they ask what that means you can say, “I show people how to protect their greatest asset — their home.”

Go to the Assessor’s office

OK, maybe you don’t have to physically go there, but a lot of successful Mortgage Protection agents will get a hold of public records to see who has purchased a home in the last couple of months.
All you have to do is make sure they aren’t on the Do Not Call list.
Oftentimes, these records are just a few bucks too. Meaning a stronger ROI than just buying Mortgage Protection Insurance leads.

Work your warm market

We’ve all heard that it is more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep a current one.
Cross selling mortgage protection can be difficult without prior training but by asking simple questions when you are selling any product, you develop a warm market.
Develop a profile for your clients by asking them things about any retirement plans, long-term care plans or burial insurance.
This way, whether you’re selling mortgage protection or a different type of coverage, you can contact the client at another time about a new kind of coverage. You should have more of a rapport and have built more trust at this time too!

Ask friends and family

Don’t scoff.
First, these are free leads.
Second, ask yourself this: “How would I feel if something happened to them and they didn’t have proper coverage?”
That made it seem a little more serious didn’t it?
All you need to do is show them the value of mortgage protection, same as you would any other prospect and show the passion you have for what you do and you’ll be fine. Don’t apologize for your passion.
For Mortgage Protection Insurance leads that are exclusive to you and customized to your parameters, Secure Agent Leads is trusted by over 10,000 agents across the globe.

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