Developing a personal brand

Developing a personal brand as an insurance agent

Is developing a personal brand in the insurance industry important?
It absolutely is.
It’s how you will separate yourself from the thousands of other insurance agents, the new businesses promising coverage over a cell phone app, and so on.
Personal branding improves your stream of clients, builds credibility, and associates YOU with the market niche.
Brand building sounds like a mountain of work.
However, the secret is to just start.

Developing a personal brand with a niche

Insurance agents with lots of products may want to define themselves with a lot of the benefits of those policies.
As a result, their clients will lose them in the crowd.
On the other hand, insurance agents who focus their brand on a few things that separate them from other agents will be more memorable.
Just be sure you’re building your brand on your true strengths. People will know if you aren’t being authentic.

Join influential groups

Find groups that you’d be proud to be a part of and get involved.
Whether that be Facebook groups, community groups, or whatever.
Then, make your presence known within them.
Help out and volunteer, connect people, and whatever it takes to be an integral part of that community.
Developing a personal brand becomes a lot easier if you can pick up chunks of other groups’ audiences.

Be photogenic

OK, maybe you don’t have to look good on camera.
But, you do need to be on it a lot.
Your face needs to be on your social media and advertisements.
Do this right. You can hire a professional photographer to do a photo shoot so you have several to use over time.
Remember, you’re branding your business through yourself. It needs your face.
Having your photo all over the place and associated with your niche will help with prospects’ ad recall.
Your brain connects and responds to faces.
Soon, after seeing you over and over, your viewers will start to feel like they know you (and your brand).

Be enthusiastic

Your behavior is your brand identity.
Do you want it to be boring, or upbeat and full of energy?
Act that way then.
You can remain professional but be enthusiastic and passionate about your business.
That will leave a mark on your clients.
It’ll also make them more likely to give you referrals.
While you are developing a personal brand, don’t neglect your sales pipeline! Secure Agent Leads can help you supplement with exclusive, fresh insurance leads or budget-mindful aged leads.

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