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How Saturdays Are Crucial For Insurance Sales

This may surprise some agents, but the best day for insurance sales are Saturday.
Most insurance agents (the 92% who fail) try to work 9-5 Monday through Friday. However, the ones who are in the top 8% and make six figures or more are grinding over the weekend.
Here are a few reasons why we at Secure Agent Leads recommend all agents to be weekend warriors:

Setting appointments for Saturday

Pretty simple idea behind this one.
We like to set appointments for the weekend because is is less likely to get stood up.
People are home and off work on the weekend. If the insurance leads have a significant other, they are even more likely to be home Saturdays.
There might be a little psychology behind this idea too. It’s a good sign if they give up a Saturday afternoon or evening to talk with you. This means they’re more likely to want a return for their time and this could make them more likely to buy.
Before you go to your appointments on Saturday, be sure to call for a couple hours that morning to set appointments for other days.
Which brings us to our next point…

Saturday morning calls

Some of the same logic applies here.
Since people are more likely to be home, they will be more likely to pick up the phone.
The two best times to call insurance leads are Saturday mornings and Sunday evenings.
On Saturday morning, from 9 a.m. to noon, is the absolute prime time to pick up the phone and sell your appointments.
Hit the phone hard on the weekends and try to set at least 15 appointments. When you prepare for your upcoming week, the insurance sales will come to you.

Add over six weeks to your schedule

Here’s a little math problem for all you insurance agents debating if giving up part of your Saturdays.
If you were to work five hours on a Saturday for 50 weeks, that’s 250 hours of extra work you put in. Divide that by 40 and that’s 6.25 weeks.
That’s a lot of extra time you are adding, increasing your chances of becoming a successful insurance agent.
It’s extra time you are able to call insurance leads or cold calling to gain prospects.And without prospects you will fail.
If you need leads to boost your insurance sales numbers, Secure Agent Leads has fresh or aged leads that are guaranteed to fit your demographic needs.

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