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Using Client Relations to Retain Customers

Mortgage protection specialists need help with their client relations.
Sorry, but it’s true. How do we know? Because all insurance agents do.
Mortgage protection insurance is a popular product to sell because the ease of explaining the need for a policy. After all, a home is a client’s largest asset.
However, insurance agents message or call into Secure Agent Leads asking for help on their customer retention over and over.
Here are our tips on how to better retain mortgage protection clients through client relations.

Be human

People love to do business with other humans. Not robots.
Marketing experts know that not putting your personal touch on your advertising is an enormous mistake.
Paul Jarvis, a bestselling author of books on business growth, said the biggest email marketing mistake he sees is people not letting their personality shine through.
He says when someone signs up for your email list, it’s because they like the way you do things, your point of view and your voice.
So, when you’re trying to sell them over an email or other electronic platform, make sure your voice is in the message.

Provide consistent value on social media

Hopefully you know social media is invaluable to your business.
But it needs to be more than just a big online advertisement you keep trying to push mortgage protection.
It is actually a place to maintain client relations.
Your brokerage’s social accounts should be a place your customers can interact with you.
Again, make sure it’s your voice and your message getting out there. Share things like your favorite recipes every so often. Post things you care about and messages that matter to you.
Make sure you answer your client’s questions and comments as well too, delivering a full customer experience.

Reaffirm what you bring to the table

Without strong client relations, the next insurance agent that comes along promising a cheaper rate is going to steal your business.
Take proactive steps to educate them on what it is that separates you from everyone else and build your value even after they are on your books.
Do this through consistent marketing, checking in with them and communicate any changes.
If they don’t understand the value of doing business with you or the benefits of the mortgage protection policy you’ve given them, they won’t know why they shouldn’t jump ship.
Need more people on your books? Secure Agent Leads has mortgage protection leads actively searching for a policy in your area!

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